How to apply: Participation at the workshop is limited to 20 comic artists who have already established a certain routine in their work and show advanced illustration and storytelling skills.

The workshop is no introduction to graphic literature and comics but aims to develop and refine already existing skills and accomplishments. Scroll down for more information about contact, concept and preparation.


To benefit best from their time at the seminar, participants are either encouraged to come up with a concept for a short story (about 3 to 8 pages) based on a priorly announced topic, or to carry on working on an already existing larger graphic novel / comic project. To give all lecturers enough time to prepare, participating artists are kindly asked to submit the following material BEFORE the beginning of the workshop to

  • A short abstract of their story/project (10 to 20 lines)
  • A simple and intelligible outline of their story/project, drafting a rough presentation of the storyline/characters/dialogue that includes a planned page structure and allows to comprehend the overall concept

For the seminar

For the beginning of the workshop, all participants should prepare and bring the following:

  • Drawing materials
  • A more refined scenario of the story/project / i.a. sketched out pages and additional preliminary work (style or character explorations, etc.) / optional: various panels or max. one already fine-drawn page (if you work on the announced topic); if you continue working on a larger project, extensive support material might be helpful / i.a. reference material: photographs, illustrations, etc.
  • a portfolio with already realized projects as a source of information for the instructors and other participants
  • headphones and music that makes you smile / helps you focus

The seminar space at the Cultural Office offers Wifi, a colour copier/printer, layout tables, a fridge and coffee machine. It also provides a basic stock of drinks and snacks.

The goal of the workshop is not necessarily to complete your story or project within the timeframe of the seminar. The workshop should be considered a field for experimentation that encourages participants to explore their options, refine their skills and advance and promote their work. It provides a platform for artistic exchange and individual professional support and guidance.

The exhibition

The originating works are presented to the general public and professional visitors, like publishers, talent scouts, journalists and comic experts during the International Comic Salon. The exhibition includes both works from the current as well as the past workshop since the Erlangen International Comic Salon is a biannual festival.

For a comprehensive insight of past exhibitions, please visit the picture gallery.